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explaining the enigma

You ask the impossible, my friend; and so you shall receive it.

okay: what’s a spazquest?

The name spazquest represents my approach to both personal and professional endeavors: creative energy on tap, funneled into pursuit of a desired outcome. While this concept is not original, the name itself is.

(There’s also a backstory which involves a cat I had a few years ago. Ask me later.)

and you’re the, uhm, ‘Chief Spazzicist’?

As far as I know. They tell me very little.

I’ll bite. What is Spazzics?

spazzics is the lower-cased art of nonlinear, noneuclidean thinking. The term ‘art’ here refers to something which happens at random, but frequently enough to create the illusion of a practiced skill.

‘non-euclidean’? Oh, really.

It sounded good.

you haven’t clarified anything.

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