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Status update

  • Living in the Seattle suburbs with girlfriend and her teenager.
  • Cats: 1. Cats in household: 6. We are super-saturated with cats.
  • Employment: still at Skytap. Just had 8th anniversary (!!).
  • Emotional state: fair. Still need to lose 25 pounds so I can get off some medication, and I’ve scarcely exercised since my iPad broke a couple of years ago (was using with my exercise bike). But I did manage to get a head start on my current project at work, so I am functioning.
  • Hobbies:
    • Comics: effectively nothing (did another page of Baker’s Parallel last year).
    • Writing: none. I’ve started reading Harry Potter at the encouragement of a friend, as well as The Last Detective.
    • Games: fits and starts. I’ve been playing Slay the Spire , and was impressed enough by the rules engine that I prototyped a clone in Ruby (text-only), then ported most of that to C#, with the goal of turning it into a playable game (as a portfolio piece, not sellable as a clone). However, Unity3D is as clumsy as I remember from last time.
  • Covid-19 status: unknown, but I’m getting pretty low exposure. Washington started shutting down sooner than most states, thankfully, so I’ve working from home for about a month, and school closed about a week later. My girlfriend wears a mask when she goes out (just homemade, but better than nothing).
  • Current goals, now that the sun is out again: exercise, writing.

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