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GoDaddy spam filtering

GoDaddy sent out a notification about a critical upgrade for WordPress, so I’m taking a moment to update a few things — replace the Twitter widget, look sadly at the generic site theme and lack of activity. I’m looking at other hosting providers again.

I do not get a lot of spam. GoDaddy apparently has two different spam filters in place; one is user-configurable, one is not. The configurable one is set to mark suspected junk mail with “SPAM” in the subject line. It likes to mark Twitter notifications and GoDaddy billing statements as junk mail — slightly dense but mostly harmless.

The other spam filter is upstream and is not configurable; it automatically notifies the sender that the email was undeliverable. Although this shields users from an endless deluge of junk mail, it also discards legitimate email without the user’s knowledge. For example, the upstream server decided that Twitter notifications for one of my other accounts were spam, possibly because it goes to the catch-all account instead of the main address.

Unfortunately, the billing statements get through the upstream filter just fine.

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