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eBay item 3873979525 – STAR WARS LANDSPEEDER

From the eBay auction listing: Harley Davidson powered “Star Wars” Landspeeder / perfect for “Burning Man” art car For Sale !! […] I have to sell the Landspeeder because I’m building a full-size mockup of the shuttlecraft Galileo used in the original 60’s Star Trek series. But Punkin’ says there’s only room at our house …

animation project outline

Working title: SGT. ZENO Synopsis: A police officer (Zeno) pursues an armed criminal through the night city. Tires squeal and the criminal hits a building in the crowded square. Bystanders scatter in slow motion. He escapes on foot, and Zeno is forced to open fire. — Or is he? As the incident progresses, time continues …

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